kisah seorang insan

kisah seorang insan

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I woke up drenched with sweat . I thought I had forgotten all about my the terrifying experience in my life . After all , it had happened about two years ago , when I form 4 .
We had been on a family trip to Pulau Langkawi and we had enjoyed ourselves tremendously . We beamed with pride on that day . It was the last day of the holiday and my mother had suggested that we explore the old part of the town . “ The architecture of the town is really unique ” , she said .
“ mom is correct ” , I thought as I admired the shop houses . Armed with my new Canon camera , I snapped shots of the unique designs on the doors  “ But look , Faisal ,that side road is even more interesting . Look at the numbers of stalls selling all kinds of Pulau Langkawi delicious “ . I like this kind of sightseeing . The interesting even attracted me to go there . I will just have a quick survey “ . I called out to my sister .
It was in fact a maze of side roads . When I tried to get back to my family . I found that I was truly lost . I tried to call my sister , but did not answer . Just ahead of me , I saw a crowd of people . They were standing in front of the old building and looking up at the roof . I joined them and I saw a man standing one of the buildings . He was not very old probably in his fifties . He was standing as still as a statue . To my horror , the crowd of people started calling him “ Don’t just stand there ! Do something ! “ Another man joined in . “ Yes , do something – jump ! “  Soon the whole crowd was encouraging him to jump . “ Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! “ They roared . I was petrified .
Then I flew into a rage . “ Go back ! don’t jump ! “  Suddenly the man disappeared from sight . I could breathe again . However the crowd started taunting him further “  1 , 2 , 3 , …. Jump ! “ And the man did .
My eyes were closed as I screamed and screamed and I sat down . Suddenly , gentle hands touched me . “  Young boy , look ! look at the camera , there and beside there , hush , do not cry , he’s only making a film . “
That day , Today and Tomorrow , I still feel very shy , shy and shy….
Oh no..

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